Before You Start Opening Things, Use Thermal Imaging to Detect Most Leaks Such as Water Leaks


Flir One Thermal Imaging Tool

This thermal imaging attachment is a lightweight accessory that transforms your iPhone 5 or 5s into a powerful thermal infrared camera. It displays live thermal infrared imagery using the an iPhone app so you can see the world from a thermal perspective. It works by detecting heat energy, giving you the ability to “see” and measure minute temperature variances. Now you can detect energy leaks, hidden moisture and other problems around your home. It also enables you to see in complete darkness so you can detect intruders and observe wildlife at night.

⋅ Identify heat loss, energy inefficiency, and water leaks

⋅ Measure the temperature of invisible heat sources

⋅ See at night to observe wildlife or other warm objects

⋅ Capture and share thermal images and videos

⋅ Blends thermal and visible spectrum for more detail and enhanced resolution

This device is also available for the Android devices.

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