Is that a Segway??? No, it’s better!


InMotion SCV R1EX

The smallest, lightest, most deft sensor controlled vehicle ever. It can be driven by simply moving your body and uses dynamic stabilization technology and applies a gyroscope, sensors, and a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor to maintain its balance and move forward or backwards.

⋅ Remotely summon it to your current location or have the vehicle trail you as you stroll along.

⋅ Easy to lift and breaks down into a few parts without any tools.

⋅ Highly portable and can be easily put it in the trunk of a car.

⋅ Multiple safety alerts will help you have a smooth and safe ride.

⋅ Eco-friendly and energy-efficient. It provides you an electrifying driving experience using electricity from renewable sources with no CO2 emission. Lithium-Ion 72V 4Ah battery takes around 3.5 hours to fully charge up and lasts around 16 – 30 kilometers. It is easily removable for charging outside the transporter or replacement.

Great to use for work, pleasure or play by both individuals and businesses. Great for renting in tourist attractions or parks, to make promotion for products, for use by the security staff, as a personal transporter around industrial parks, factories, big warehouses, shopping centers, sport stadiums, etc. Perfect for all tourism lovers, adventure seekers, golf players, and good old fun around your house!

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